Integrate a faster and more cost-effective bank payment, supported by biometric authentication to reduce fraud and customer friction.

What Open Banking Payments Do.

Our solution always features these benefits, but we offer a bespoke service to suit each partner.

Pay by Link

The ability for your customers to pay by link instantly.

QR Code

Static payment creation (such as marketing QR codes).


Seamless checkout experience (reducing your costs and customer friction).

Point of Sale

In-person or virtual payments.

What You Can Save.

I make
transactions a month with an average value of £
per transaction. My card provider charges me
% per transaction.
Calculate Saving.

*percentage saving is indicative and subject to review.

How it Works.

pay by link

1. Confirm.

Your customer pays you by simply clicking a link you send them. They then select their chosen bank to pay from and confirm the details of the transaction.

2. Authenticate.

They must then authenticate the payment - whether via biometrics or a passcode, and confirm the payment via their chosen banking app.

3. Success.

A summary of the transaction is given, including the amount paid, reference number and recipient.


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