Reimagine the digital proposition for your customers, using real-time financial data.

What Open Banking Data Does.

Our solution always features these benefits, but we offer a bespoke service to suit each partner.

Real-Time Balances.

Instant balance checks help customers avoid overdraft fees and the risk of failed payments by determining funds available.

Instant Balance.

Checks determine affordability with real-time views of users' balance within linked accounts.

Live Account Data.

Aggregate customers' accounts into a single view to display a quick and accurate view of funds available.

Know Your Customer.

Improve your Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks with pre-verified information and automated processes. Reduce the risk of fraud.

Risk Management.

Improve your risk management across your business, platform or app.

Prevent Fraud.

Combat identity theft, and fortify Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes.


Confidently verify a customer’s identity and account details. With authentication, your business can create a seamless user experience.

Authenticate with Confidence.

Create a frictionless and secure onboarding experience that increases conversion rates.

Avoid Chargebacks.

Confirm the source and destination of funds. Instantly verify account accuracy and ownership.


Build a clearer picture of customers’ spending habits with clean, financial data in real-time for a better user experience.

Powerful Insights.

Inspire action using transactional categorisation and merchant identification data. Help customers manage their money better.

Personalise the Experience.

Drive loyalty and a better experience. Remind customers of regular or significant transactions for better money management.

How it Works.

1. Confirm.

The customer confirms the permissions required and selects the bank they want to connect with.

2. Authenticate.

They authenticate as normal at the bank, using bank-grade security and select the bank account they want to give consent to.

3. Success.

The account is then linked to the consent request and the information requested is then shared with you in a read-only format.


We don’t blame you.

We are devoted to partnering with and educating people to maximise the opportunities of open banking, and we are here to guide you on your journey.

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