Opening Possibilities.


We are a passion-led, problem-solving, innovation-driven team. Mentors at heart, we are curious investigators striving to illuminate society on the benefits of open banking.

But above all else, we are human just like you.

Open Banking.


Have used open banking, whether they know it or not.


Would share their financial data in return for the right incentive.

Consumers are open minded and already adopting fintech services in their day-to-day lives.

We conducted an online survey, and spoke to 434 UK consumers who use online banking and were between 18-76 years old.

What is Open Banking?

Good question. It’s technology* that unlocks the ability to use data and payment sources and opens up a world of possibilities for almost any organisation in any industry.

We’re at the forefront of this revolution, helping our partners give their customers greater autonomy and freedom over their finances.

*Here’s how it works.
Payment consent or transactional data from banks are requested using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This enables direct account-to-account payment methods and allows organisations to make use of customer data to enhance products and services.

What We Believe In.

Empowering people. From our partners, to end consumers, to society as a whole.
Pursuing change. Both within the existing open banking world and beyond, we envisage a world where everyone has control of their data, and autonomy over their finances.
Striving towards a purpose. As mentors at heart, we guide our partners on their journey.



Live account balances.


Consistently reliable data.


Vastly reduced payment costs.


Platform that reflects your brand.


Safe, and simple - always.


Fits your customer journey.

What You Can Save.

I make
transactions a month with an average value of £
per transaction. My card provider charges me
% per transaction.
Calculate Saving.

*percentage saving is indicative and subject to review.


We don’t blame you.

We are devoted to partnering with and educating people to maximise the opportunities of open banking, and we are here to guide you on your journey.

Questions? Thoughts? Opinions?

We'd love to hear them.